I really need you..
yesterday night..
I called you..
you didn't answer me..
you give me a message....
[why?i wanna sleep ady la..] 

it's does hurt me a bit..
cause I wanna talk to you a bit..
just wanna tell you a good night..
but..there doesn't really an important to you right?

I really scare that once again..
I lost my belove people..
I ....cried....

I call you..
you say that you不方便接电话..
your friends are sleeping in the car..
ok..I give you a change..
but I cried..........

and just now..
I suddenly feel that..
I feel difficult to breath..
something was stuck in my breathing..
I don't know what it is..and I don't want to know..
I call you..
a lot of times..

I scare that I will suddenly faint..
and I won't be awake again..
I scare I will die..

I wanna talk to you..
before I die..
i'm sorry.. 

I called you a lot of times...
and..I get a message..from your friend..
that you are attending a briefing..ok..
i'm sorry..
I give you a change....again...

where are you?

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